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Debit/ATM Card Security Alert: 

We have received several notifications regarding 7-11 Store Vcom ATM’s being compromised and card users data stolen.  We recommend that you avoid use of 7-11 Vcom ATM’s until further notice

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Please monitor your accounts closely for fraud and if you suspect any problems contact us at Tech@Ibewuwfcu.com. 

Please be wary of card swipes (terminals)  that appear altered or have added devices. You should immediately report this to the management of the location in question. Please also guard entry of your PIN from observers or cameras. Some devices have PIN pad enclosures, but most do not.  Please contact Tech@ibewuwfcu.com with specific questions.

If you experience problems with your Visa Cards after hours or on weekends please use the following:

  1. For Visa Credit Card Fraud:  1-866-334-1048
  2. For Visa Credit Card Customer Service: 1-237-6211
  3. For Visa Credit Card Customer Service: 1-800-299-9842
  4. For Visa Debit Card Lost/Stolen:  1-800-682-6075
  5. For Visa Debit Card Activation: 1-800-411-6390