Choose 4 $ave More

Combine your IBEW checking account and debit card with 4 or more of our most popular services and choose from a list of money saving loyalty rewards.

Combine your IBEW checking account and debit card with four of the following popular services:
  •  Online Banking
  •  Online Bill Payment
  •  eStatements
  •  Sprig Mobile Smart Phone App
  •  2 or more ACH deposit or withdrawals per month1
  •  Current IBEW loan with a balance of at least $5,000.00 or higher2
  •  Refinance an auto loan with a balance of at least $5,000.00 from another financial institution3
  •  Complete a balance transfer to your IBEW Classic or Platinum VISA of at least $2,500.00

 Choose the loyalty reward you want most:

  • ¼% off of your next new IBEW loan4
  • 7.49% rate on your IBEW VISA for 12 months5
  • 1 free box of standard checks
  • Take 60 days to make your first payment on your next IBEW loan6
  • Waive 2 new membership fees for family members
  • Credit Score enhancement Session

 Contact a Relationship Officer for details (

1Excludes vacation funds. 2Excludes VISA and Real Estate and PLOC loans.  3Subject to loan approval.  4Real estate, VISA and PLOC loans excluded; subject to loan approval. Discounted rate cannot be lower than 2.95%.  5Account must remain in good standing to qualify for reduced rate; must remain under 30 days delinquent to qualify. At the end of the 12 month period the original rate of 12.90% (classic visa) or 9.49% (platinum visa) will apply to any remaining balance and future purchases or advances. Share secure visa excluded.  6Interest will continue to accrue from the date of loan disbursal. Real estate and Visa excluded.
Loyalty Reward must be redeemed within 6 months