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April is National Credit Union Youth Month!


This year’s theme is Give A Hoot About Saving!

 Promoting the importance of saving money to our youth.

Click below for details on the National Youth Savings Challenge





Family members of one of our Union Brothers have been affected by a terrible tragedy.  Riddle, Oregon house fire claims the lives of six family members.

Gwendolyn Howell, 4, 7-year-old Haley Maher, 10-year-old Isaiah Young and 13-year-old Nicholas Lowe died after the blaze in Riddle early Wednesday morning.  Their mother Tabitha Annette Howell and her son Andrew Hall-Young, 13 died Thursday at a Portland hospital.  Her husband James Keith Howell, 39, remains in critical condition.

Donations are being accepted at the Credit Union Office at

9955 SE Washington St, Portland or can be mailed to our PO Box 16877 Portland, Or 97292 (Attn:   Howell Assistance Fund).

Donations may also be made by phone by calling the Credit Union at


2015 Chevy Tahoe loaded with extra’s

Call Katie at the credit union 503-262-5315 or Rob 503-262-5316

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Effective 2-10-2017: A $1.00 fee will be charged for telephone balance inquiries for members that use no CU services other than their savings and/or vacation deposits.  This fee can be avoided by using our automated telephone service at 503-253-8348, our Mobile App (www.getsprig.com) or by enrolling in our online banking (It’s me 247) at www.ibewuwfcu.com.


 New Fraud Prevention Automation Service

In our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we’ve improved our alert system for potential fraud connected to our DEBIT CARDS.

Here’s how it works:

When potential fraud is detected, you will receive a call from our fraud center:

If no answer:

This is the Fraud Center calling for <CONTACT NAME 1> or <CONTACT NAME2 >. We need to verify recent activity on your card ending in <1234>. Your card may have a temporary restriction in place. It is important that you call us back at your earliest convenience, toll free at 1-800-417-4592 to verify this activity. You may call us back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If pick up detected:

This is the Fraud Center calling on behalf of IBEW calling for <CONTACT NAME 1> or <CONTACT NAME 2> if present>. Press 1 to continue in English. Pare continuar en Espanol oprima dos.

We need to inform you of a possible security concern on your card ending in <1234>. If this is <CONTACT NAME1> press 1, if this is <CONTACT NAME2> press 2. If not, please press 5. If we have reached this number in error, please press 9.  YOU WILL THEN BE PROMPTED THROUGH RIGHT PARTY AUTHENTICATION AND TRANSACTION VERIFICATION.

If they are unable to reach you by phone, you may also receive a Text Alert or an automatic email notification from IBEW & United Workers FCU, with the option to reply with “fraud” or “no fraud.”


If you need to report your card lost/stolen, please call:

Debit Card Lost/Stolen: 1-800-682-6075

Credit Card Lost/Stolen: 1-800-325-3678

Credit Card Customer Service (after hours) 1-800-237-6211


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It’s Me 247 is our electronic Home Banking solution.  Please sign up for E-statements, E-notices and E-alerts.  If you have any issues, please contact our member services team at ext 300.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Program

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2015 Chevy Tahoe loaded with extra’s – call Katie at the credit union 503-262-5315 or Rob 503-262-5316.

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Internet Banking: Our Internet Banking is available to members at no cost, just click the link in the upper right hand corner of this or any page.

On-Line Bill Payment Service: Our On-Line Bill Payment Services are available if you have your checking account with us. The link in the upper right hand corner of this or any page will lead you through registration and set-up. Please contact Member Services if you have questions.

Automated Clearing House (ACH): ACH refers to a nationwide standard that financial institutions use to transfer funds and information electronically between financial institutions. ACH is often used for payroll deduction deposits.

ACH Origination: ACH origination is similar to ACH above only it is initiated by the member directly with the financial institution. ACH origination enables members to make deposits and withdrawals from their account with the Credit Union or at another financial institution. Members can choose to have transfers done monthly, biweekly, or weekly without the burden of remembering to write and mail off a check. Members also have the option of initiating a one-time transfer if needed.

Payroll Deduction: Payroll deduction is set up under an agreement with an employer and the Credit Union. Currently there are many companies offering this service to their employees. Payroll deduction allows an employee to specify a deduction amount each pay period that the employer then sends to the Credit Union. Payroll deduction remains in effect until changed by the employee or when employment ceases.

Net Check: Similar to payroll deduction, net check instructs the employer to deposit the employees entire paycheck to their savings or checking account automatically.

Direct Deposit: Direct deposit allows a member to have a government check deposited directly into their savings or checking account. Direct deposit is a valuable, time saving service for many retirees. Direct deposit includes but is not limited to: Social Security benefits, Veterans Affairs payments, pension payments and any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): EFT is a term used whenever money is transferred electronically. So whether it’s our Liberty Line 24-hour Telephone Teller, an ATM, bank wire transfer or ACH payroll deduction, EFT is an umbrella term used for electronic movement of money. Below are listed current EFT services offered by IBEW & United Workers FCU.