Giving Back to Our Members





The Credit Union is very involved with the Union Community as well as the Local Community.  Each year, IBEWUWFCU sponsors the “Parents’ Room” and “Wrapping Room” for the Annual Presents from Partners Holiday Giving Party through Labor’s Community Service Agency It’s called a Labor of Love and takes the highlight each year.

We continue to focus on supporting our union groups by attending and contributing to their events such as picnics, apprenticeship classes, trade shows, labor union breakfasts, holiday celebrations, charitable events and more.

IBEW and United Workers’ Federal Credit Union relies on the support of union members and strongly believe that it is our responsibility to support the unions and their endeavors. Our giving committee would love to hear from you if you would like to volunteer, partner with, or give feedback on our Community Involvement.  CLICK HERE



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For additional programs and resources, contact the Labor’s Community Service Agency, Inc.

Helping Hands Temporary Hardship Assistance

Resource Navigator Training

Holiday Dinner Programs